APA 5th edition articles "in press"

Dear all 

I am citing article “in press” or “submitted” in a paper I am currently writting.

The APA 5th edition style requires that they appear in the citation after the name of the authors (Smith, Johnson & Dupont, in press), where the year would be normally indicated. However, the year field in a Reference Manager library only accepts numbers.

Would anyone know in which field to enter “in press” or “submitted” to comply with the APA 5th edition formatting?

Many Thanks


I found a way to sort this out, so I thought I would reply to my own post in case someone encounters the same problem

First you need to specify in your library that the filling in the “PUB DATE” field is not compulsory. To do so, open the reference, click on tools, fields and type edit. Choose “journal” in the “fields labels for type” menu located on the top right hand side corner of the widow. Below, in the “Field Label Edit”, scroll down to “Pub Date” under the “Current Labels” section. Uncheck the middle section entitled “M” but leave the “I” section checked. After that, Reference Manager should stop bugging you if you leave the year of publication field empty, as you need to for an article “in press” or “submitted”

Then, in your paper, insert the reference normally. It should be cited as (Smith, Johnson, Dupont, ). In word, select "Tool, Reference manager, edit citation). Write in press or submitted in the suffix section and your citation will be modified accordingly.

Not sure this is the simplest way but it works!