How to automatically format multiple publication dates in APA 6th


I need to cite publications that have multiple publication dates in APA 6th. For example,


Derrida, J. (2016). Of grammatology (G. C. Spivak, Trans.). Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press. (Original work published in 1976)

(in-text citation)

(Derrida, 1976/2016).

My question is, is there a way for EndNote to automatically output the references as above? Currently I am manually editing each in-text citation to add the original publication date, as well as manually adding the parenthesis section to each reference which has different publication dates, like the Derrida reference.

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I wasn’t able to find it.

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The first question I ask, is how many of these do you deal with?  If one off, I would edit the citation to hide year and put , 1976/2016 in the suffix field (including the comma and space) and include the whole of “John Hopkins University Press. (Original work published in 1976)” as the publisher, and it will appear correctly if you only have one or two  and usually use APA 6th as your output style.  

If it is very often, where is the original year included in the record (in the example here I used the existing “Access Date”, but you could use another field and edit the ref type to include that - such as “OrigYear”?  Assuming the generic field holding the original year is only used for that purpose in all the reference types, you can edit the citation template to

(Author,*|Year|/Access Date|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|)  

where Access Date is the field name of the 1976 content.  It is important that the field is not used in any other reference types you use, or that text will be included in the citations for that record too.  I would also avoid using the citation as a part of a group of citations, as this always complicates things.  (If the field is used in other ref types, you could use the first fix, manually editing the year in the citation itself, and the ref type template fix for references, themselves).  

Note, the * are really the “link adjacent” characters inserted from the endnote dropdown “insert field” list.  The | can be typed from the keyboard or inserted from the dropdown and is the “Forced separation” character and these ensure the text and parentheses are not printed when there is no content in the Access Date field.  

For the reference itself, at the very end of the template, add

|*(Original*work*published*in*Access Date)| 

Hi Leanne

Brilliant, thanks so much for your advice! For now, the first method you suggested should work well, as it is only a few references that are like this. I might try the second method later on if the number increases.

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