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I am citing article “in press” or “submitted” in a paper I am currently writting.

The APA 5th edition style requires that they appear in the citation after the name of the authors (Smith, Johnson & Dupont, in press), where the year would be normally indicated. However, the year field in a Reference Manager library only accepts numbers.

Would anyone know in which field to enter “in press” or “submitted” to comply with the APA 5th edition formatting?

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Greetings Souhila,

I would suggest using the “Other” field that appears next to the “Date, primary”, or “Pub Date”  field to store this information.  To fully achieve the described format-

We need to set Date, primary to no longer be mandatory.  To do so:

a.  In Reference Manager, click “File>Close Database”.

b.  Once you see Reference Manager’s gray background screen, click “File>Open Database”.

c.  Set “Access rights” to “Read-Write Exclusive” and double click on your database file to open it.

d.  When your database appears, click “Tools>Field and Type Edit…”.

e.  Remove the check that appears in the “M” box, which is next to “Date, primary”.

f.  Press the “Update Field For All Types” button.

g.  Choose “Yes”.

h. Click “OK”.

Next, we need to edit your output style to include information found within the Other field.  To do so:

a.  In Reference Manager, click “Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

b.  Find your desired style and double click on the style name.

c.  When the Edit Style window appears, you’ll see two tabs.  If you want to set this information to appear within your in-text citations, double click on “<[05]·Date,·primary>”, which appears inside the Generic citation definition field.

d.  Set the "Include “Other” setting to “Only if proper date is missing”.

e.  Press “OK”.

f.  Click on the “Bibliography” tab.

g.  Choose the “Journal” Reference type.

h.  Double click “<[05]·Pub·Date>” to set the "Include “Other” setting to “Only if proper date is missing” here, as well.

i.  Close your output style and save the changes.

Once you’ve added “Forthcoming” to the Other field for the desired database records, run “Revert to Original Text”, then “Generate Bibliography…” on your document again with the customized output style selected.

Please let me know if this helps.

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