APA 6th and DOI's in bibliography

The output style I use if APA 6th. Endnote is including the DOI on almost all the references I am using.  For some reason, Endnote is NOT including the DOI on one particular article from my reference database.  Here are the things I have tried so far (FYI, I am using Endnote x8 on OSX in Word Mac 2016): 

  1. Updating the citations and bibliography in my Word document;

  2. Double checking the reference record and checking for errors;

  3. Deleted and then added the reference;

The DOI is showing in the reference record AND in the Endnote output preview pane! But it’s not showing up in the bibliography.  It seems to be isolated to this one record.  What am I missing?


  1. Is the recalcitrant record of a different reference type than the others you are citing? 
  2. Are you sure you are previewing the record and using the exact same output style in your word document as you are in the endnote program where you are previewing it?