x9, APA 6th Import style problem

The importing characteristics are wrong for APA 6th. The journal name is capitalizing the first word but lower-case all others and the title of the article is all caps.  It should be the other way around.


Are you sure it is the importing (I don’t believe there is an APA import filter?) that you are having problems with? 

I suspect the problem lies with your Ouput Style settings for your APA output styles.  Most are default set to use the existing title and journal.  Importing is usually set to download whatever is in the database itself.  Adjustments are made at the output style step. 

A correct journal Terms list can avoid any capitalization problems and full or abbreviation requirements without editing the records in the library itself.  See this Knowledge article. Endnote  (I also make sure my preferences are set to NOT update during importing.)  Once you have an updated Journal terms list attached to your library, (and you should only have to do this once) then make sure your chosen output style is specifying the correct selection as shown in attached image capture2.  

The Article Title’s case is addressed by the output style (which is often set by “Leave titles as entered” rather than “Headline style capitalization” or “Sentence style capitalization” .   (see Capture for setting in output style.  

Detailed instructions on editing styles are here: Endnote.  

I would swear I answered this query, but I don’t see it any where!  

Are you sure this is an import and not an “export” with the output style problem?  

The Title case can be adjusted in the output style settings as shown in the first image attached.  You can learn more about editing output styles from the PDF that can be downloaded from the EndNote Windows and Mac: Style Editing Guides link.  

The Journal Terms and the selection of full title/abbreviation setting in the output style is shown in the next attached file.  But you will first want to follow the instructions in this Knowledge base article to clean up and set your Journal Terms list.  Then change your preferences so they they don’t update when you import or manually enter a new record.