APA 7th Back-to-back parenthetical information


I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around how to get Endnote (edit 2: X9) to allow me to display back-to-back parenthetical information for the APA 7th format/style. Attached is an example of the ‘correct’ formatting as the APA 7th guide puts it.

I tried to see if I could add a new template in the in-text citations bit of the style editor, but it doesn’t seem I can.

I tried instead to create a new APA 7th parentheses style where I did change it to be correctly formatted, but if I change the style I use in Word, it doesn’t apply to just one reference, it applies to them all (which breaks the rest of my formatting).

In my particular case I’m trying to achieve:


(a type of web forum; Dictionary.com, n.d.)


Which under the default APA 7th formatting appears as:


(a type of web forum; Dictionary.com (n.d.))      


Any advice?

I did have a search around the forum and Google, but couldn’t seem to find a solution? I apologise if I have missed it. Still an Endnote newbie.

Thank you.

  • Ayhay

Edit: Fixed attachment

Edit 2: Using X9

APA 7th jpg 2.jpg