APA Handling of Same Surnames

Section 3.8 of the APA Manual (5th ed) states that in text citations which involve a surname also used in another in text citation for a different publication should include the author’s initials.  The example given in the APA manual is for two different authors with the same last name.

 exs:(E.L. Pantin, 2006) and (T. W. Pantin, 2005)

  Endnote seems to follow this same rule when the same situation involves two or more publications from the same author.

 exs: (H.L. Smith, 2007) and (H.L. Smith, 2005)

  Is Endnote handling this correctly or not (are the rules different for the same surnames being used in APA in text citations when it is two different people with the same surname versus the same person?)?


Probably not.  see this thread: