Help with endnote web - initial appearing in some references

Hi Everyone,

First post, sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but im panicing and can’t see where I’ve gone wrong. I have a few references in my thesis that for some reason are showing the initial before the authors name (see attachment 1). I have attached a screenshot off endnote web so you can see if I’ve made an obvious error (Attachment 2). I have tried deleting the reference and re-entering it into endnote web, tried deleting it in word and re-entering it, I have tried unformatting my references and reformatting them, and I’m now out of ideas. Can anyone see where I’ve gone wrong?

I took the liberty of moving your post to the EndNote forum for more appropriate visibility.

The reason this may occur is if there are discrepancies in how the author names are entered into your EndNote online account.

If you are using APA, keep in mind that the style does require author initials to display when you have an author with the same last name and different initials, so following this article will create a style that does not strictly conform to APA requirements.


]( “APA Style Blog”)As an alternate solution, you could make certain that all author names are consistently entered into your EndNote library, including spacing and punctuation. For example, if you have entered

Smith, J

as an author in one record, you need to make sure every other instance of that author’s name in that library is identically formatted. Please note that a difference as small as one space or period may cause EndNote to believe it is dealing with two separate authors and add the initials.

I would suggest performing a search for the author’s last name in the account. You can then copy and paste the correct format of the author names into the other records. When you are done, click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” command in Word.