Are we able to sort by "Read Date?"


I have the option to set one of the columns as “added to library” meaning the date on which I added a reference to EndNote. However, I was wondering if there is a means to add a column in which I can specify the date that I read the article attached to the reference. I noticed that there is a “read date” data entry field when I edit the reference, but the column selection is not present when I click “EndNote > Settings > Display Settings.” This would be helpful for sorting purposes so that I can sort chronologically when I read articles.

Thanks if anybody is able to help me out with this problem!


Hi Tom,

Are you referring to the reviewed item field. You can certainly annotate this when you read the article and you have the to display this field and then sort by it. The key might be in how you enter the date so that it is sortable (unlike Excel you cannot specify a date format per se).

I hope this helps, Glynis

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You might want to use one of the custom fields (you can rename them in X9, not sure about 20) and put a date in there which would enable you to sort but using a standard date at the beginning of the reviewed item field, as Glynis has suggested, would work just as well

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Shirely it should be possible to sort by date accessed (acending/dcending) without having to add any date?

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You can set up the access date as a displayed field. If you cannot select this field it may be because you have reached the limit of fields that can be displayed at one time(10).


Thank you everyone! I was able to get this up and running how I like it a few months ago thanks to your help! Apologies for the extremely late reply but it truly helped. Thanks again!