Date field

I am a long term Procite user who is finally transitioning to Endnote, and I am quite shocked that Endnote does not have a true date field. From what I have been able to determine, no simple manner exists to be able to sort a database by date and retain dates in a fashion that will export as a recogized date (ie, August 3, 1931). Please, can this be fixed? Does anyone have a good workaround? Thanks–marc.

I have now used Endnote for a decade, and I still REALLY miss having a true date field so that I can sort/review items in chronological order. If it is still technologically unfeasible (for reasons I still don’t understand) to change the DATE field to a true date field rather than a text field, could we at least ADD the option of a true date field that I could manually add to my records? thx.

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