Sort by date not working?

Hi all, 

It seems that my sort by date function is not working properly. There is an entry that is dated “2016”, but appears within the “In Press” entries [please see attached]. 

I’ve tried to re-enter the date, but it doesn’t seem to be working. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


The Date field is not being sorted in chronological order because the information entered in each record’s field is in a “month, year” format. This causes Endnote to begin the sort using the first piece of information: month.

As a workaround you could change the display to use the Year field instead of the Date field. However, if you need to have the month and year displayed in chronological order for the library window and the generated bibliography you could: 1) keep the Date field in the reference bibliography templates but create a second date field which would enable proper chronological sorting; 2) copy and modify the date data in the new date field; and 3) modify your output style’s sort options to sort on the new date field (instead of Date).

Which output style are you using and in your Endnote records do you have data in the Year field or just the Date field?

Thanks very much for your reply. 

It doesn’t seem to be the case of having the month in the Date field as i"m sorting by Year. 

I tried several more things, and the thing that seemed to work was to remove the Date field, add it back in again, and then sort by Year. 

No idea why it was doing that still. 

In response to your question, I have data in both the Year and Date fields =)

Thanks very much for your suggestion!!

Sometimes sorting issues reflect an underlying database corruption.  If it happens again, you might want to make a copy of the library and try to “recover library”.  If you sync to Endnote online, you may want to turn off syncing first, to avoid compromising the online version until you have sorted it out.