Article retraction notices

It would be great if EndNote could scan my library to see if any articles have been retracted and notify me of this somehow. This is a a niche which isn’t well filled:

Not a perfect solution for this but, using EndNote X5 or X6, you can try the “Find Reference Updates” function which will pick up on changes from databases like Web of Science and Pubmed. If retractions are listed in these database, this will be highlihgted in EndNote. I just did a few quick tests and it seemed to work farily well. Admittedly not exactly what is being requested here [which seems like a reasonable request] but something to try for now.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for the quick reply. I agree, that is an encouraging start. I guess a more flexible batch “Find Reference Update” function might permit this without a specific retraction tracking function. With 6k+ references in my library, going one by one is not going to happen anytime soon…

I tried the search for updates function on an article that has been retracted to test, and the updates did not indicate it had been retracted.  I agree, getting notified about retracted articles would be very helpful.