Article titles not showing up in in-text referencing


I’m currently using X6 and output style APA 6th and I am having issues with the references/articles’ titles.  It seems as though they are not showing up in full in my lit. review. 

I’ve had to add these manually so it may be how I have put them into EndNote, but if for example I have put in “Australian Government” into the title field, only “Government” is showing up in my in-text referencing.  I have made sure to keep my titles without any commas, periods etc. 

This seems like a basic issue but it is starting to stress me out somewhat :neutral_face:

Any help would be just wonderful!

Thank you


Put a comma at the end of “Government” in the author field? of the record and it will treat the whole entry as you expect.  it doesn’t sound like it is being treated like a “title” field.