APA 6th

Greetings all. I am a PhD student (nursing) and need to use APA 6th edition, however, when I use cite as you write, the output is wrong, both in the body and the reference.

Body: There is no comma eg (Smith 2010)

Also, in the reference, the article title is in “quotations” which is incorrect and the journal article is underlined (APA 6th goes back to italics.

How can I correct this?please help!!!


You don’t identify what version of EndNote or MS Word (or other) you’re using but assuming that APA 6th has been correctly selected in both EndNote and Word, the problem may be in the APA 6th style.  Suggest you download the latest version and use that instead of the one you’ve been using.

Depending upon your EndNote version you may use the Web Styles Finder to locate the APA 6th output style (go to the toolbar, select HELP, WEB STYLES FINDER) - or use this link http://www.endnote.com/support/enapa6thstyle.asp which provides the APA 6th style and installation instructions.

I think that while you have selected the style in Endnote, you haven’t applied it to the document itself.  You need to ensure that the correct output style is applied.  The process to do this differs between the various versions of word.  See this FAQ for the steps for your version.