ascending numerical order of references at one certain position in the text

When I add references to a position in the text (MS Word) where I have inserted some references already - how can I afford that the numerical order will be correct (without deleting them all and then starting to replace them with the lowest number first)?

e.g. actually it looks [10-12, 5, 13]  instead of [5, 10-13]

Thank you!!

citation sorting – and bibliography sorting options are in the output style.  What style and what are those settings for each? – is “Don’t Sort” set for citations in your style?  

Thank you Leanne, preferences settings are the same, actually im working with PLoS style, citation sort order is “same as bibliography”, bibliography sort order is “order of appearance”  - can I edit this when enable “other”: …?

I encountered this problem already with other styles whenever I maybe added a citation that has already been used before.

Many thanks for your advice!