How to number citations in ascending order but set reference list in alphabetic order?

Dear community,

I am just finishing my dissertation and need to change some minor settings. I am looking for a way to number the citiations in an asscending order of appearence, while sorting the reference list in an alphabetic order.


Endnote X3…yes it’s old :wink:

Word 2010

Style: Numberd (modified)


  1. Example Authors:

  2. Author Csmith

  3. Author Adoe

  4. Author Bjames

2. Example test with citiation:

This text should display(1) the way of citation in the document text(2) and below the apperance of the reference list(3).

  1. Example reference list:

(2) Adoe

(3) Bjames

(1) Csmith

I managed to sort the authors in an alphabetic order with the Endnote style manager, but then they loose their numbers of apperance. AuthorA will get: No. (1), AuthorB: No. (2), …

Using a numbered style will arrange the citiations in chronologic order of appearance but alphabetic sorting is lost and alphabetic sorting with the word2010 setting can’t be applied.

So I would be very thankfull if anynone knows a way to set the reference list and style manager to get the right output.

Thank you all!


I have never heard of such a method of citation, and endnote depends on the sort order in the bibliography to define the numbering system, not the citation.  So while, in endnote, you have options to sort citations in a order different from that in the bibliography, that parameter is applied to how a group of citations used at once in the text, are ordered (1-3).  The bibliography sort order (by appearance or by alpha) is going to define now they are numbered, so what you are seeing, is not a surprise. 

Without tedious manual manipulation of a custom field in each of the records in your database (which could not be easily automated), I don’t see an easy way around this.   

Where is this output style required in a dissertation?  Are you sure you are interpreting the instructions correctly?