Assign a unique number to each reference, repeated references with short title


the journal I’m preparing my paper for requires that each reference has a new number, even if it is repeated. The in-line citation numbers should therefore be sorted by ascending order. If the 5th reference is the same as the 1st, it should appear as a 5, not as a 1.

Additionally, if several references are cited at the same passage, only one number is attributed to the whole set of references (grouped references).

In the bibliography, the first time a reference appears the whole information is given, while in subsequent appearances only author’s last name and short title are required.

How can I assign each (group of) reference(s) a new number? The “Humane” Reference Style mentioned doesn’t do this automatically.

Thank you very much for your help!

What’s the name of the journal and the Endnote output style you’re using?

This sounds like a footnote style.  As CG asks, what is the publication?  

The journal is “Cultural Geographies”, the reference style is called “Humane”, although the one called Humane you can download on endnoteweb does not assign a new number to each reference entry.

For the moment I used endnote of word to create  a new endnote and then inserted via EndNote (program) the reference. is there a better/easier solution?

I believe you are doing it correctly then.  A footnote/endnote style requires you insert the endnote as you are doing with the word processor and then insert the EndNote citation into that “footnote/endnote”.  

The handling of repeated citations should be handled in the “footnote” templates and options of the output style.  If that isn’t working correctly and you are using the online rather than the desktop version of Endnote, then you either have an administrator who should (in theory) have a way to add modified output styles –  or you need to contact tech support for a modified output style matching your needs.  

(or download the desktop version temporarily when you want to finalize the document).