Attached File Naming and Ordering


I would suggest greater flexibility with the naming and preview of files attached to an endnote entry/record. My publications typically have a separate file as an online supplement that I keep with the Endnote record.  I also tend to attach any press converage or other related material, as well as the accepted-but-not-typeset-and-thus-not-copyrighted version of the manuscript suitable for distribution or upload to public access servers.  

I typically use the auto-naming function in EndNOte Author-Year-Title.  When multiple attachments are added, the system adds a numeral to the end of the file name.  Unfortunately, I then need to remember which numeral corresponds to which kind of attachment.  It would be ideal if there were a way to adjust the autogenerated names of the attachments so that the differences between the different attachments could be described in the name (e.g., Hall-2020-Test typeset, Hall-2020-Test supplement, Hall-2020-Test manuscript)

Also the system preview defaults to the first attached document, and this may not always be the document that should be the default.  It would be great to have a function that permits ordering the display of multiple attachments or at least specifying which should be the default.

Thank you

Dan Hall