Display PDF name field.

I would like to be able to see the attached file (PDF) name in the dispay fields, either instead of or in addition to the paperclip icon.

Here’s why:

As a put new articles into ENX2, I attach a PDF.

My PDFs are named in incoming order – 100601.pdf, 100602.pdf.

I file my paper hardcopies 20 to a folder, in numerical order. This keeps my files neat, instead of trying to work them into alphabetical order.

If I could see the file name in the search list, it would make it easier to find the paper copy. Right now, I have to click into each reference and scroll down to the attachment (I am, however, thankful that ENX1 and ENX2 show the file name, finally).

I realize I could manually enter the file name in another field and display that, but I’m trying to avoid the many hours of work that would take.

I use URL field, instead of file attachment field, to attach PDF.

One advantage: you can use Ctrl+G to open the PDF file, without scrolling down to attachment icon.

Another advantage: you can do batch modification, like folder location, etc.

Take a look at this thread.


Let me know if you are interested in more in details.

It’s a good idea, Myoshigi. But I’m able to open the document from the paperclip in the list view, with a right click. What I really want is to see the number I have assigned to the document (and made the PDF name) so I can find the hard copy in my files.

I really do like your idea, though, and will take a closer look.

Thanks for responding!

Well, with URL field, you can display file names, if you set it up in the preference. I use pubmed ID as file name for my PDFs, because it is a unique number allocated for each article, and downloadable into Endnote database by medline filters. Hassle about this method; I need to rename the PDFs for every single one, and I can’t use “search full text” function. However, I can automate to create URL links with my method.

As to keeping “neet” hard copy, I simply stopped printing hard copies. I keep only xerox copies of older articles (with alphabetical order), but they are also all scanned in to PDFs, such that I don’t need to use any printed materials on the work. I read all the research article through Endnote.

So what I decided to do:

  1. Leave the PDF in the attached file field.

  2. Type the PDF name (my unique number for each) in the URL field. I don’t use this field otherwise, and by default it is above the attached file field.

  3. Set preferences to dispay the URL (now the PDF name) in the library list window.

It will take me a little time to update my whole library, but then I will just start doing that with every new reference. It’s not the solution I was looking for, but it’s easy and does the job.

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