Improving the performance of attach file and find full text feature.

As we all know, when the option “copy file when attachment  …” is enabled, if you attach a file to a record or use "find full text " feature to find full texts.

The pdf will be saved in a new fold with a new name.

But the name of the fold and the pdf is fixed by endnote program, can not be determined by users.

This make that is hard to just exchange full text pdfs between users.

For example, I give A some of my  pdfs. I need all the pdf files with a well defined name to make it easiler for A to understand what’s in the pdf without open the pdf file.

So, I hope, in the new version of endnote, your can add a feature like this, all the fold and pdf names can be determined by users according to a rule.

Such as the fold names can be


and The pdf names can be Author-Journal-vol-(year)-page.

All this rules can be determined by users, such as output styles.

I think this is a good idea.