attaching files to groups

Functionality for attaching files to groups.

There are many times when documents apply to the entre group of documents, for instance if a researcher makes a spreadsheet summarizing outcomes and methods from multiple papers, it is convienent to have these with the papers.

This has the risk of becoming a storage place for all (or many) project documents. THAT could be a feature, or a disaster :confused: For me, it would be an added bonus.

Alternately, the ability to export literature (the attached documents and notes) would mean I could simply export them to my own directory for storing reserach documentation and collaborating with others.

I have a titled “record” with no author that I kindof use for this.  It sorts to the top of the group and you could add any files to that record that you would like.  Not perfect but it works for me… 

that sounds like the best solution in the mean time.

Given that endnote is a perfect reference manager, it would be nice it they expanded a bit into being  better document manager.