Email multiple attachments

I would really love 2 features to be added:

  1. A button to show an attached PDF in the file explorer - Endnote’s PDF folder structure is impossible to navigate so I need an easy way to find an attached file. At the moment I have to open the attachment and choose save as and look at the file path in the save dialog box.
  2. Related to 1. - the ability to select multiple references and choose to email the attachment for all references in 1 email.

I regularly need to send multiple PDFs to colleagues which is why I would love these features. Really feature 1 is not as important - i wouldn’t need to be able to see the file in Windows Explorer if I could email multiple files straigth from Endnote.

  I agree.  In theory, this option was already there, but in a big library it crashes as it seems to think it is trying to email the whole library and not just the selected records and PDFs.  (edited) It now appears that you can email one citation and associated PDF, but not more than one.  However – there is still an option to compress and email selected records, which should send a mini endnote library with (or without) attachments, but if you choose that, no option to mail the file appears.

further edit

okay – maybe an hour or more later – I got a warning that the email attachment (two records) was 26 Mb and too big to email for most programs.  I don’t think it should be 26 Mb and trying to figure that out, but endnote is locked up, trying to open the attachment.  

Thanks for your input Leanne,

I never thought of sending a compressed library. It’s an interesting approach, but if you are having problems maybe not a great solution. For me I usually only send a few papers by email so it’s not ideal to ask the person to extract and open the library.

The other product suggestion that might help is the ability to share just a group or group set within my library rather than the whole library - so I could just copy across references i want the other person to see. I know this is possible with Endnote Web but I mainly use Endnote desktop. I dont’ really want to share my whole library and I’m not keep on making a second shared library because I would have to manage both libraries and because the record numbers would be different if I decided add references from the second library to a document.

But ultimately it is often better just to send the PDFs, often the people I share with don’t use Endnote. Some of the people I work with that do use it still just use it for reference management and manage their papers as a folder of PDFs.

I know.  If you first create the compressed library - then you can save it and email it, but the compressed library I eventually created with the “and email” option, was corrupted anyway.  –

You can also share your library online and/or make an online group you can share with people who don’t have the desktop version, but that too is a hassle, as they need to learn the basics of Endnote web online.  

I agree the best think, would be to be able to select more than one record and have the ability to email the attached PDFs which is current not an option as it is greyed out.  For now, I just email the PDFs one by one, and paste the formatted reference (ctrl K, on the record in library display, then ctrl V in the email).