Sharing group sets instead of complete librarys from endnote desktop to collaborate on projects


I would really like the possibility to share groupe sets from the endnote desktop with project collaborators.

There are many cases in which sharing the whole library is not such a good idea.

  • anyone can read your annotations/comments you ever made

  • annyone can change, delete, add references to your library and maken changes to the structure of your library, intentionally or unintentionally

  • those hundreds of references that are not contributing to the project obscure the project information.

  • I don’t want to download those hundreds of papers from my collegues to my laptop/tablet for which I have no use and just take up precious space on my limeted ssd/internal memory

While sharing groups is possible with endnote web, you cannot share attachments with endnote web which is a deal breaker. Another dealbraker is that you cannot share group sets with endnote web, as they are completely missing in endnote web.

Sharing just a project group set from endnote desktop would make sharing a lot cleaner, safer and faster. I have seen it work on mendeley and would love to see it come to endnote!

Not sure about the desktop client but if you sync your library with Endnote web you can share groups within a library. Just go to the organise tab and click “Manage groups”. There is a check box to share each group and you can manage the sharing options.

I agree. This feature would be wonderful. My projects typically involve many groups, and sharing them individually does not make sense. I cannot believe that Endnote has not added this functionality 5 years after you suggested it. I hope they’ll add it soon. It seems like a very basic, undergraduate programming task.

Thanks for your support for this request. I still feel this request deserves more attention. 

Unufortunately this post has seen no replies at all from Endnote. Also, the only previous reply from Ben_  isn’t helpfull at all. He clearly did not read the request properly, as sharing groups from endnote online does not share attachments and is no sollution to the issue

An alternative for bringing a sharing option for groupsets to endnote desktop, could be to bring group sets to endnote online and to make it possible to share attachments when sharing groupsets. I never understood why both options (groupsets and sharing attachments) are missing from endnote online. 

I would support this suggestion. However, a better way might be to share various libraries. I have one main library, but it is easy to create new libraries and fill them will copied entries from my main library.

Sharing multiple libraries would allow me to collaborate in several teams simultaneously. It would be great to see in a future  Endnote version the option to create connections to multiple online libraries. This would really allow collaboration in teams. I am involved in many collaborative projects. Having the option just to share my own library is simply not enough.

Sharing entire libraries has the advantage that groups can be created within this library.

Essential is also to share pdfs, and editing rights.