Word Update 16.8 (171129)

I have just updated Word 2016 on my Mac to version 16.8 (171129) and have received the message that my EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle is not compatible with this update.  Have others had this problem, and is there a fix?

PS Have just seen the message from Rick, thus it’s a known issue, thanks. 

Mark Roseman

As a workaround you can downgrade Word via


You can download and install the 15.40 update to Word from the above website.

You can find a list of steps for Word 2016 Troubleshooting on our website:



Just want to confirm that I have the same message with the same update. There is clearly a incompatibility now between Endnote CWYW and this last version of Word.

We can just now hope that a fast update will be provided or use another writing software than Microsoft Word.

If your verison of Word 2016 is 16.xx instead of 15.xx, please see this article:


This does seem to happen too often with Endnote. Are Microsoft so unhelpful that they don’t give addon providers any time to anticipate the changes? I don’t seem to get this happening with other software, but this is my only outside add-on with Word.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for this helfull support. It works again with the Beta. 

Kind regards,


Hello Mark Roseman,

The Office Insider version is essentially a beta release of Word. We are currently working with Microsoft to make sure our EndNote X8 add-in will be compatible with their version 16.xx release of Word 2016 Mac. That is why we released a beta preview of EndNote X8.2 Mac. If you are interested and eligible, you can sign up here: http://endnote.com/betasignup


Yesterday, I updated my Word for Mac (Sierra) and am now running 16.9. When re-opening Word after the installation, Endnote CWYW didn’t work. From reading your posts, I know this is a common problem with Word-updates, but I’ve signed up for and downloaded the Beta-version, reinstalled the CWYW a couple of times, but it still is not working.

Is the Beta-version not compatible either?

Any other thoughts on how to solve this? 

What’s the perspective on Endnote making their software compatible with Word’s update?

Thank you!


Same here as jennybjerre - have installed the Beta, have full administrative rights etc - and installation of Beta worked fine. Still, the CWYW doesn’t show up in Word.

The CWYW EndNote beta version X8.2p3 (build 13260), a beta version works with Word 2016 Mac v16.9 (180109).

However, this beta version start to crash when a new group is added.

The typical fix from the sw developer that I have witnessed having used EndNote since 1992 is a paid upgrade.

I eagerly await X9 to be on sale so I can actually use Word with EndNote, until the next time it breaks.

Those of you who installed the EndNote X8.2 Mac Beta and are having issues getting the Cite While You Write tools to load in Word 2016, please reach out to our Technical Support team:


I am using Endnote X7 and I have had the same problems after the last Word update. Should I wait for a compatible add-in or downgrade my Word to 15.xx?




I am using Endnote X7 and had the same problems after the last Word update. Should I wait for a compatible add-in or downgrade my Word? Thanks!

I am also interested in the question whether EndNote 7 will also updated with a plugin compatible with Word 16.xx.

Word 15.xx can easily be retrieved by replacing Word.app 16.xx in the Apllications folder with an old Word.app 15.xx from TimeMachine or another backup.

Hi Jason, 

I have the Word version 16.9 and Endnote 8.2 but when I try to cite this error compare on my screen

"A COM exception has occurred. 

Cannot edit Range."

How can I fix it?

thank you


Hello Alberto,

Please see if you have the Mendeley add-in installed in Word as per this article:


OK removing Mendlay from word worked for me, all ok now

EndNote X7 is not compatible with this new Word 2016 version 16.9 release If you have EndNote X7, you can select to downgrade your version of Word/Office to the production release of version 15.xx. Make sure the option Automatically Download and Update is not enabled. In Word 2016, click the “Help” menu and select “Check for Updates.” Here, make sure this is set to either “Manually Check” or “Automatically Check.”

  1. Quit Word.
  2. Browse to the Applications folder.
  3. Move the Microsoft Word application file to the Trash.
  4. Download the http://officecdn.microsoft.com/pr/C1297A47-86C4-4C1F-97FA-950631F94777/OfficeMac/Microsoft_Word_15.41.17120500_Updater.pkg
  5. Run the downloaded package file to install Word 2016 version 15.41 again.

Dear Jason, this solution works. However, what if one needs to use both Endnote and Mendeley add-ins?