Author Citations

I am having a problem with author citations.  I have gone back several times to make sure the settings are correct but still can’t make it cite correctly.  There are two problems.  One–when I cite a journal which has more than one author, endnote will only list the one author in the citation.  I have never been able to figure out how to get it to cite using all authors. Two–When endnote cites the one author, it is adidng the first initial.  I want to only have the last name in the citations.  I have gone in and checked the box that says last name only in citations, but I still get the initials.

Are you referring to Citations (in the text) or the listing of authors in the Bibliography section?  Make sure you are checking the “Author Lists” of the correct section of the currently used style (the one that the “format bibliography” window is showing, not the the one that the Endnote library window is showing). In those settings you will find the “list all authors” box or the number of authors to show, before substituting a designated number of authors and the et al.  In citations, you can show all the first time, and only the first there after. 

Are your Authors correctly listed in the Authors field of the records?

Do all all authors display the initials, or just some?  If just some, could they be considered “ambiguous” (same first author, same year).  If treating it as amibuous and it is not, try copy and pasting the first author from one record to the other; as sometimes there are very subtle differences not apparant. 

There isn’t a checkbox for last name only, - it is a drop down selection?