Author Date for Open University

My course requires that I use Author-Date in footnotes and then a full bibliography. The footnote citation needs to look like

Jones 1987:45-46

So Author Date:cited pages

But if this is a general reference to a book with no cited pages I want just Author Date so

Jones 1987

Please can someone help me work out what codes to use to remove the colon when there is no cited pages.

Many thanks


The template in the footnote needs to have the “forced separation” characters like this

Author Year|:Cited Pages| which will only keep the colon if there are Cited Pages.  


Thanks very much for responding - I’ve tried your suggestion and I get

Author Year


Author Year Cited Pages

But no colon when there are cited pages - do I need a space or something to make the colon appear - I’ve tried a few variations can’t quite get what I need



Are you putting the “cited pages” in the pages field when you right click and choose “more” ?  I just tested the attached and it worked for me? 

Cell Copy.ens (13.3 KB)

Thanks very much - I was using the Suffix field, swpped to Pages and all is good.