Author (date) format in Word 2011 for Mac plugin


I’ve just moved from using Endnote X5 and Word 2007 under Windows to using Endnote Web and Word 2011 on the Mac. A brilliant feature introduced in Endnote X5 was that you could right click a citation and immediately change it from (author, year), to author (year). Previously I had to muck about excluding the year and then typing it in manually. Imagine my dismay on moving over to Word 2011 on the Mac, finding that this feature has disappeared, or at least is invisible. Any clues as to why this might be - am I missing something?

thanks in advance


Hello, Mike:

That feature is also available for EndNote X5 for Mac… I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding it! To insert in this format, click on the Tools menu of Word and select Find Citation. Perform the search to locate your reference. On the Find Citation window, there’s an arrow next to Insert (see attached pic below). Click this arrow and it’ll allow you to choose the format you’d like to insert it, including Author(Year).

You can also change it after having inserted by choosing Edit and Manage Citations and using the Format pull down to select the formatting option you’d like.

For clarification, it is not available with the Cite While You Write plug-in for EndNote Web at this time, only X5 for Windows or Mac.

 - Mathilda