Where's 'Insert & display as: Author (Date)' function gone in CWYW for Word 2016?

Hi everyone. In both my Word for Mac 2011 and Word 2013 (Windows) versions of CWYW, I was able to add an in-text citation as Blogs (2016) rather than (Blogs, 2016) using the ‘Insert & display as: Author (Date)’ function. Since the Word package on my Windows (10) laptop was upgraded to 2016 this function seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know where it’s gone, or if it’s still there at all? Many thanks!

Not sure where you saw it before, but you can still edit a citation (right click and choose edit citation from the bottom of the drop down and select the Author (Year) option.  

actually, upon further exploration, I found an option at the end of the insert citation dialog as shown in the attached jpg.  

Thanks, Leanne! That’s indeed where I expected to find it, but mine doesn’t have that option (equivalent screenshot from my laptop attached). Also, my Endnote panel is different to yours so perhaps I’ve managed to install a newer version that’s not fully integrated yet. I think I’ll try reinstalling the Endnote from the disk.

OK, solved it! The update to Word seems to have defaulted to the CWYW plugin for Endnote Online. As you can see in the attached, if you change it to the standard Endnote version in Preferences, you get all the functionality back. Thanks for the replies!

I haven’t upgraded to Endnote X8 yet, so that might account for the differences? –

ah   - I see your update!  – will need to remember the toolbar appearance differences.  

Can you please provide more detail - whose attachment are you talking about? I am having this issue as well and I can’t seem to enable CWYW in the desktop program either.

They never uploaded their screenshot.  But if you are needing to switch between the desktop and the online ribbon, here are my annotated revision of the instructions from the help files.  I have attached some screenshots.  

    Selecting the EndNote Desktop or EndNote Online Application

To select the EndNote desktop or EndNote online application for Cite While You Write:

  1. In Word, go to the Endnote Ribbon and choose  “preferences” which opens the dialog (-- go figure).  If your word window is smaller, you may have to choose “Tools” first then preferences as in the X8 desktop ribbon screen shot.  In the second screenshot you can see the “preferences” because the ribbon is smaller, but if I had maximized the width of the X8 window, it would have appeared similar with the tools options, expanded.   
  2. click on the Application Tab
  3. Select the application you want from the drop down.
  • EndNote is your desktop version of EndNote .
  • EndNote Online is the online version of EndNote.
  • Enter your subscription/login details, which includes the EndNote online URL, your e-mail address, and your password.