How to change citation from (Author, year) to Author, (year) in Mac Pages

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I have a question. I have already used CWYW in Microsoft Word but recently decided to use pages app in Mac because it makes some tasks way easier than Microsoft Word. I am using Pages 5.6.1 and Endnote 7.5 (latest update installed. The problem is in my usual output style every citation I insert come in (Author, year) style. In Word there was a option to change this when you want to cite it in the sentences rather than at the end. Although I have searched online and tried many things I could not find the way to convert some of my citations in to Author, (year) style when I want to cite in the sentence. 

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I don’t use pages, but I do know that endnote implimentation is not as flexible as it is with Word.  Apple handles its implimentation.  I believe your only option, will be to hide the author and then type in the author outside the parentheses. That is described in the chapter in the link below.    

first result in this google search (pdf) 

replaced page fault link (not sure why it doesn’t work)  

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I though I would do that but it is kind of frustrating to do every time and there is a possibility to make mistakes. If there is way around it that would be perfect. 

By the way, I could not open the link you have provided. İt says “page not found”

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Okay – I replaced it with the google search itself.  I searched google for 

pages endnote x7

and it was the first returned 

does this work (testing)

Use EndNote X7 to Cite While You Write (CWYW) in Pages ……/ EndNote /…/Using%20 EndNote %20X7%20t…

Designed for use with EndNote X7 & Pages 09 version 4.3 (1048). Use EndNote X7 to Cite While You Write (CWYW) in Pages. Contents. • Pages Bibliography.

Hi, Thank you very much for putting the link back, it might help somebody else. Unfortunatelly, I had been through this document, even before I asked this question, however, the think is document only mentions exculuding Author and Date, adding page range, prefixes and suffixes. There is not any option about exchanging from (Author, year) to Author (year) depending on where I use the citation.

I use this variety in my papers a lot. This is where Microsoft Word plug in comes in handy because it does have an option button to exchange these two. I was just wondering, if there was an option like this in Mac Pages plug in as well anywhere that I might have missed. 

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Yep, as I said, the developers at TR don’t have the access to Pages under-the-hood,  as they have to MS Word, and they depend on Apple to impliment options in Pages, so Apple is the place you need to go to request this option I guess.  – but you can double check that with TR’s tech support.