Author format with in-text cites

I have an author (Alex Scott) that I entered in the reference as “Scott, Alex”, and when the in-text cite shows, it does so as (Scott, 2010).

But then I have a reference (Mark Murphy), also entered as “Murphy, Mark”, but when it shows in-text it does so as (M.Murphy, 2010).

Why is the initial showing – and apparently not for all names?


Chuck Billow

This is usually the result of two different references being used in the manuscript with the same last name. Endnote interprets them either correctly (say Mark Murphy and Joe Murphy)  or incorrectly (say it is entered in one as Murphy, Mark and in the other as Murphy, M.) as different authors.  Many publications dictate that different authors with the same surname be distinguished and this is a setting in the output style Citations>Author Name options.  When it IS the same author, the easiest way to avoid this problem is to copy the author from one record to replace it in the other.  Sometimes the difference isn’t all that obvious.   

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Leanne, that did it!

Thanks for the quick help!