Author List correct; output in Bibliography incoherent

Hi everyone,

I’ve tweaked the Author-Date-Style a little to adjust it to suit the guidelines of a journal I’d like to submit a paper to. I’ve attached this and two screenshots to illustrate my problem.

While in the Output Style Manager in the Author List of the Bibliography the separation between authors is entered correctly (comma space) in the actual bibliography output in word it seems rather arbitrary and incoherent.

It should be like with Bieler, A., (that is comma space between authors, after the abbreviated initial of the firt name of an author)

but most of the titles are without a separation between the authors, like in Ackerman, P.

I’ve also looked into the library itself to check whether there are irregularities in the data entry, but I could not find anything obvious. Any ideas what the reasons could be and how to fix it?

Here’s how it should all look like in the end (copied from the submission guidelines):

Clapham, A. 2006. Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors . Oxford: Oxford University Press. (in text reference: Clapham 2006)

Chapter in edited volume
Drèze, J. 2005. Democracy and the Right to Food. In P. Alston and M. Robinson (eds), Human Rights and Development: Towards Mutual Reinforcement , pp. 45?64 Oxford: Oxford University Press. (in-text reference: Drèze 2005)

Article in a journal
Alston, P. 2005. Ships Passing in the Night: The Current State of the Human Rights and Development Debate seen through the Lens of the Millennium Development Goals. Human Rights Quarterly 27(3): 755-829. (in-text reference: Alston 2005)

I’d really appreciate your support! Please excuse, if this has been raised elsewhere. I really searched before I posted this, but I could not find anything suitable.

Best wishes,