No spaces between authors, in-text citations

I am writing my MSc dissertation referencing with End Note 9, output style Harvard. The in-text citations with multiple authors are not inserting a space between the first two authors, e.g. (KiblerGoldberg and Chandler, 1991, PopeHerbert and Kirwan, 1998). I assume there must be a simple edit but I cannot work out how to do this. I have searched the support section and endnote forums without success.

I am an end note newbie and would be most grateful for any help!



It sounds like a easy problem to fix, but maybe the best way is to post your style here and somebody can take a look at it? If you’re new, it’s kind of tough to guide you where to look at.

Ok. And how do I do that? Forgive me for being such a noob!



The style you are using is one you probably have already edited.  It will be located (in Endnote9) probably in your Program Folder, Endnote, Styles.  You may need to display hidden folders and files to find it.  then when you are replying to a message, there is an Add Attachments below (under the “Tags” box.  click on it, browse to the folder the style is in, and select it.  Post…

OK, thanks, got that. Here it (hopefully) is.


Harvard.ens (10.8 KB)

I’m also using this one, which gives the same results.

Kent Harvard.ens (34.5 KB)

The Harvard style you provided needs ‘comma space’ inserted in the Citation, Author lists in both “between” boxes.  I don’t see that problem with the Kent version though?

Result! :smiley:Took me a bit of head scratching once I’d found the edit section but after a couple of dummy runs it all came together.

I am most grateful for your help. Now just got to finish writing the b****y thing!!

Many many thanks again .


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