Author name question


Can I have author names output this way:

Ronald H Coase

I seem only to be able to get 

Ronald H. Coase


R H Coase


You are correct.  There is no option to remove periods.  If there are periods in the record, and you choose full name, the periods are included for middle initial (and any authors that are only entered as initials with periods).  Manually omitting the periods from the author field of each record would work, but not if you then chose a style that required periods and it is frankly, a bit of a pain in the neck.  You will need to request a similar option to that in “journals” to omit periods after initials, or another option in the drop down to select the two scenarios.  

Thank you Leanne.

Of course some places I write for want the periods…so it is not a great solution to remove them from the records.

This is frankly the biggest problem i have with endnote as a writer in the discipline of law. I have jury-rigged my database to use the ‘journal name’ field in different ways, as the only one that allows me to turn periods on and off. But typically those style sheets that don’t want periods (esp in the UK) don’t want them anywhere…