Full control over periods

I would like to suggest that you add more control in output styles over whether periods are retained in the output.

I believe this exists only in the check box “remove periods” in the editing field “Journal Names”.

It exists partly (but only partly–I will explain) for author names.

I write in law and for many of my audiences, especially in the UK, they want formatting without any periods, while others want periods. The check box for journals helps me. But the problem is acute with (legal) cases. A Canadian journal might want this:

Harris __v. Digital Pulse Pty. Ltd. (2003), 56 N.S.W.L.R. 298 (N.S.W.C.A.)

while the English would want this:

Harris __v Digital Pulse Pty Ltd (2003), 56 NSWLR 298 (NSWCA)

I have rigged the ‘journal’ field to be used for the law report (New South Wales Law Reports in this case) which gives me control for that. For the v that means against, I control that in the styles. BUT I can’t switch it for the names of the parties (for things like Ltd.) nor for the court that is mentioned at the end.

Finally on author names: if a ‘no period’ journal likes to use full first names, there is a problem. If the article is written by Lionel D. Smith, endnote lets me generate L D Smith or LD Smith or Lionel D. Smith but it does NOT let me generate Lionel D Smith which is what some of these people demand.

Could there be a universal switch that supressed all periods?


Lionel Smith