Suppressing "III", "Sr.," "Jr." etc. in author names in footnotes or endnotes but not in Bibliography

Does anyone know a way to suppress “III”, “Sr.,” “Jr.” etc. in author names in footnotes or endnotes but not in Bibliographies? so that, e.g., a footnote will show

Pound 1988

but the bib will show

Pound III, Albert. 1988. (etc)

Right now my footnotes are showing “Pound III 1988” which looks funny (but may be accurate)

the entry is LAST NAME III, FIRST NAME [author] 


Have you tried editing the citation to exclude the author’s name (Pound III) then manually typing in the preferred name (Pound)?

thanks. I am looking for an automated solution.

My understanding is that EndNote is designed so that you enter the data in the Author field in your library like this:

Smith, John, Jr.

If you do that, does it produce the desired formatting for you?

Not if your style requires abbreviation of authors’ initials beyond the family name. 

This would yield “J.” or “I.” 

EndNote knows that anything beyond the second comma is not part of the author’s forenames. The output styles will not apply the rules for abbreviating forenames to the Jr. of II.

So for example, the APA output style will convert the following author field in your library:

Borza, Eugene N., Jr.


Borza, E. N., Jr.