author names, synonyms

Hi Folks,

I’m a new EN7 user (running Windows 7). I have used Reference Manager for 10 years. Therefore, I’m used to handling author name synonyms in Reference Manager by simply identifying the various author name versions as synonyms (e.g., C. N. Henderson = Charles Nelson Henderson = C. N. R. Henderson = Charles Nelson Ross Henderson). I don’t see a similar function in the EndNote author Term List.

In another post, I read a recommendation to use “search and replace” to correct this issue. But, that doesn’t really correct the problem. When I import additional references for this author from the various online sites, I get records with the same variations. So, I have to do a search and replace all over again!

Is there an Endnote alternative? If not now, is there one in the works?  It seems that Thomson Reuters would come up with an EndNote solution, since they also make Reference Manager - which has a very workable solution.


I look forward to a reply,


I would suggest you place this as a request in the “suggestions” part of the forum site.  It is not an option now but one would hope that the author field could have a “terms” equivalent like the journal field?  One would think their own ResearcherID approach could be applied?