Auto-match pdfs and metadata, etc.

I have used Endnote to manage all my references and ebooks for 7 years, and endnote has improved tremendously. Adding the following features in Endnote will be greatly appreciated:

  1. Auto-Match pdfs and references: Importing pdfs since endnote X4 is great, but sometimes the metadata downloaded automatically is not satisfied (the author names and journal names are abbreviated), and the FFT function of endnote does not work for all the publishers. So if the endnote can help us to match the pdfs and citations that we downloaded separately form the publisher’s website, it will be very convenient for us. I think endnote could provide the users an option whether to find the metadata from website or to match the existing references in a local library when importing pdfs (most of the time, the file name of pdf is a part of doi). So we don’t need to match them manually anymore. Slight improve for endnote, big continence for users (for me, it is a killer feature. Endnote could not extract the doi in pdfs from American Chemical Society or find full text from ACS website due to the release of ACS chemworx.).

  2. Adding note before references: We frequently need to add a short note before a reference in bibliography, such as "For  reviews about topic a, see: ". Now we can only do this after converting the bibliography to plain text. I don’t know if it is operatable, but this function is very much needed for us.

  3. Color label: the group and rating are fine, but we like colors better.