PDFs managment: metadata import and export, searching results

I am testing Endnote X6 for Win.

Until now, I have used  another software as file PDF manager,  but I would like obviously to optimize Endonote use and possibly  give up other softwares with similar features. Issues and questions:

  1. I tried with drag&drop and even to import by menu the PDFs with metadata on it (Title, Author, etc.). Yet  Endnote was not able to capture them, and I had in the Title field just the name of the file - not the name which is inserted in the metadata.

Q: Am  I making some errors in the settings, or Endonote is unable to accomplish this task? And if it is able, does it work with all kind of metadata, XMP type included (they are the most common now)? Does it work also with drag&drop?

  1. My inability of point 1, becames    particularly annoying because I am used to classify PDFs through Keywords, that are stored properly just in the PDF metadata.

Q:Can them be resumed and put in the similar field (or in a customized field) in Endonote, in the import process? How?

  1. In another post, I learned that PDF indexing cannot be disabled. In this case I would like to know if there is a way to see the number of matches, or even better the excerpts of the line when the searched word appeared in the PDF - some softwares do this.

Q: Can Endnote show the number of matches of a PDF search, and will in future releases offer the feature of activating/deactivating indexing and in case of activation, will it include in the search results also summary excerpts of 1-2 lines of the matched words in PDFs (Mendeley program comes to mind as an example)?

Thanks for the attention