Automatic importing logic


I just started to use EndNote X8 on Win10 and it looks really nice but I have a problem with “automatic importing” mechanism. I check several topics but can’t find the answer. Let me describe the problem step by step;

  1. I created a main folder and put all pdf in it. (240 pdf in total)

  2. I selected this folder as a “PDF Auto Import Folder”.

  3. A couple of seconds later I put all pdf in this folder EndNote started to import them to the newly created “Imported” folder under the main folder created in step 1.

  4. EndNote import all the file to the “Imported” folder but on there are 235 files on EndNote “All References” section.

  5. I try to do all this couple time times but the result is the same.

  6. I checked all the files one by one and realized that EndNote imported all the files but not listed “big” pdf files. I mean with “big” files lots of pages and size.

  7. I checked all the setting about this issue but can’t find any solution.

Any ideas?