Automation of Attach File

Is automation of attaching pdf’s to references possible with EndNote (x5)?  I’m getting into the habbit of attaching the papers into the library since they are difficult to catalogue on Windows.

I have no idea about EndNote Web because my university supports RefWorks instead, so I don’t likely get many benifits from internet. 

Thanks!  Bryan 

Yes, you can click on a record (or a number of records) and choose to “find full text”.  If you have electronic permission to access the journal PDFs, the program will usually (isn’t 100%) retrieve and attach the PDF to the record in endnote, storing it to a folder on the computer linked to the record.  It is pretty good, at least in the sciences. 

Yeah - a little bit anyway!  Well, it found me 1/15 anyways.  Is it capable of searching a hard drive or is it bound to the internet?  As I am currently bound to SciFinder, it doesn’t do to well when trying to access the webpages directly.

bound to internet currently, but you can always make a suggestion, in the suggest forum I guess? 

and talk to tech support to optimize the success…

and talk to tech support to optimize the success. 

Will do, thanks!  Very informative!