I’m still not sure how to attach PDF files. I have been copying them to my computer and then adding them to endnote from my pc. Not sure if there’s an easier way to get the pdf with the original exportation of the endnote info from Proquest database. I know I can get a pdf from there, just not sure if it can be done at the same time as would be much simpler.

There’s a variety of ways to attach PDFs , depending upon the type of PDF you are working with: if the PDFs have metadata identifying the DOI and you can auto import the PDFs into Endnote which automatically creates an Endnote record while attaching the PDF. You can also manually drag and drop the PDF into an Endnote record or depending upon the database you’re using , you may be able to use Endnote’s “Find Full Text” to locate PDFs or hyperlinks.

Refer to the Endnote training videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EndNoteTraining?spfreload=10

Check the training calendar to sign up for upcoming sessions: http://endnote.com/training#calendar

OK, I used FIND FULL TEXT feature on EN. What’s the best thing to do now with the pdf’s that were found, and the URL’s that were found? I would like to save them if possible, but then I could have duplicate articles and those references are not in my group area like I need it to be in. Will the new reference be everything my old one was, and then I can replace it and have the bonus pdf attached?

Also, some of the PDF’s I try to send to EndNote from Proquest end up on my computer in documents folder no matter how many times I try to send it to EN. Is there anyway I can send that article to EN either from my PC or Proquest? I have sent others from Proquest with no trouble. Thank you.

Have you tried using Endnote’s online mode to connect to proquest, rather than sending things from Proquest? (not sure if it is an option).  Then follow up with “Find Full Text”. 

If you already have the PDFs locally and you have the record with the citation data in endnote without the PDF, then you should just drag and drop the pdf from the folder it lives in onto the record in the library.  Then delete it from the original location.  Slightly tedious, but the only way to go if “find full text” doesn’t retrieve it.

I will need to contact my school librarian to see if I will be able to get a school url to proquest path it will probably ask me for.

You can also have Endnote look at the usual folder that Proquest drops them into and ask it to import them from there automatically.  It will then move them to a subfolder, so it doesn’t do it again, the next time you open endnote.  This attaches the PDF and creates a record with what ever it can extract from the PDF and DOI info.  This record can then be updated with the “Find Reference Updates” option to see if it can retrieve more from the databases.