Merging multiple authors and files into a single document

Hi All, I am looking for some advice on this before I start.  Four colleagues and I have written a book.  There are fifteen chapters (6000-15000 words each),  We have five endnote libraries.  These libraries will have several thousand references each.  Now I need to assemble this mass into a single document to format the references.

My first thought is to merge the libraries into a single library, and merge the word files into a single file to format the references.  The problem with this, as you will all know, is that I’ll have to go through by hand and match-up all the references because they will be renumbered in the merged library.  This sounds like a hugh task for a document this size.  Do I have any other choices?

I came across this  which seems to suggest that one can edit the complied manuscript with multiple endnote libraries open simultaneously.  Will that work to format a single reference section?

Thanks in advance.


Here’s a sleep-deprived thought which I haven’t tested…EndNote’s temporary citations are usually set as: Author, Year, Reference Number.  But what if you changed the Reference Number to “Pages” then reformatted the chapter (with the corresponding EndNote library opened)? Upon completion, save the references into a travelling library.  The continue onto the next chapter, change the EndNote preferences from Reference Number to “Pages”, reformat the paper, then save the references into the same travelling library. Continue until you’ve worked through all the chapters, assembled one really big travelling library.  The chapters could be assembled and the citations can now be matched-up since no reference numbers are needed. The limitation with this is that all the users must have EndNote X1 or later as the “Pages” setting isn’t in earlier versions.

Anyway, just a thought.

(To access “Pages” go the toolbar and select EDIT, PREFERENCES, TEMPORARY CITATIONS.  Under “Record Number Marker” tick the “Use field instead of record number” and select “Pages” from the pull-down menu.)

What version of endnote and word is everyone using and is this Mac or PC? 

Yes, you can format a single document with multiple libraries open.  

CrazyGecko is concerned about possible corruption and is discussing a possible work around if you did merge the libraries, but I would only consider that, if you have trouble with corrupted references in trying to combine the various chapters into one formatted document, or fusing unformatted versions of each chapter and, getting all the libraries on one place and formatting it.  

Do be careful to inspect the final list to ensure that duplicate checking has been implemented.  I find it easiest to do this formatting the document with an author alphabetical listing, even if that isn’t how you will format it in the end.  Makes those pesky duplicates that might have subtle differences that endnote can’t resolve, more easily spotted. 

Thanks Leanne, and CrazyGecko.  I will be using a Mac, but the Word documents and endnote libraries come from a mixture of macs and PCs.  I will be using X3.  I’m pretty sure that everyone is using at least X2 for endnote.

So just to make sure I understand this.  I’m going to make a new Word document into which I copy the text from all 15 chapters [should the references be formated or unformatted?].  I’l then going to open all 5 endnote libraries and then I am going to ask endnote to format the references.  Is that right?

If they are formatted, in theory you shouldn’t need the libraries  -but with a mixture of versions of word, I would recommend unformatted, especially if you can get the libraries.  

OK, so unformatted and then follow what I said in my last post?

yep.  that is what I would do, but let us know if you run into any problems.  Ideally when you ask for the library, ensure you are getting the compressed library (enlx). If they use a version of endnote which doesn’t have that option (under file menus), get both the library AND the associated .DATA file.  

And make sure that no one happens to use the same name for their library!  

Great, thanks Leanne!  I will do as you suggest and report back soon.  The book is due to the publisher by the end of June so I shouldn’t be long is trying this out.