Best way to remove several pages of text with citations linked to endnote

What is the best way to remove several pages of text from a word document with citations linked to endnote? I don’t want to corrupt the file. Should I remove each citation from the list in the ‘edit and manage citations’ window?

You can use Edit and Manage Citations or:

To unformat citations:

  1. Determine which citations you want to unformat:
  • To unformat a particular citation, highlight only that citation.

  • If the citation you want to unformat is part of a multiple citation, highlight the multiple citation. All citations within the delimiters will be unformatted.

  • To unformat a section of the document, highlight that section.

  • To unformat the entire document, either select nothing or highlight the entire document.

  1. From the Tools menu, go to the EndNote submenu, and then select Unformat Citation(s). From the EndNote tab, select Convert Citations and Bibliography, and then select Convert to Unformatted Citations. If you are unformatting the entire document, this unformats all of the in-text citations and removes the current bibliography.

You can tell when a paper is unformatted because the citations appear in the temporary citation format (such as “{Smith, 1999 #25}”).

Unformatted citations are temporary placeholders that do not reflect final output. You can format the paper again at any time.

To delete an unformatted citation, highlight the entire citation (including delimiters), and press the Backspace or Delete key.

As long as you don’t start the deleted text in an endnote field, I have no problem deleting large blocks of text with endnote formatted citations.  You can follow TMartin’s advice, but I have never had a corruption.  At most, I have turned off autoformating – particularly if I am moving large blocks of text, or the bibliography.  

Don’t just press the delete key if you want to remove a citation - hidden parts of the citation may remain and corrupt your document. The correct way to completely remove a citation from your Word document is as follows: 1. Click on the citation that you want to delete. 2. Click on the Edit Citation(s) button on the EndNote tab in Word. 3. A window will open - make sure the correct citation is selected, then click on the down arrow to the right of the Edit Reference button next to it. If you have a smaller screen you may need to scroll to the right to see this arrow. 4. Choose Remove Citation from the menu. 5. Click OK