Why do unformatted citations get formatted when I add a reference?

I have been advised to do all my editing to a very long document with all the footnotes in unformatted mode because of problems I’ve had with corrupt codes.  

Here’s my question: I just added a citation from my library to a note, and EndNote automattically formatted all the notes.  Why?

This means I then have to unformat all the notes every time I add a new citation.  Why don’t all the notes just stay unformatted?   



You can turn off the formating via the Format Bibliography dialog, third tab for the document you are working on (do this from word).

To turn it off for all “NEW” documents (which will not affect existing documents) change the Endnote CWYW preferences (in Endnote Alt+9).


Your solution worked but I have a follow-up question.  When the references in my footnotes are in unformatted mode, can I just delete them by using cut or backspace?  I’ve been told I have to use the “edit Citations” function, but when I try to do that I get a message saying there are no editable citations.  Is the “Edit Citations” button only for fomatted citations?  

sorry to ask such basic questions, but I had a document that got corrupted because I was deleting notes and material in the notes without using the “Edit and Manage citations” button. 

So I don’t want to make any mistakes here.  

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Unformatted they are just text, and you can delete them without repercussions.

The danger is deleting ‘part’ of a formatted reference or citation.  Just for fun, do an Alt-F9 on a formatted document and get a glimpse of all the ‘stuff’ hidden in those fields.  Then do it again, and see them return to their innocuous form!

I did what you suggested.  I had no idea what was in there.   It seems that every time I put in a “keyword” in a reference in the database, Endnote keeps track of it in my footnote?  There were endless ><keyword>< or something similar to that. That was truly scary.  I’m going to delete them all and never add any more! 

thanks for everything, 


One more question if I might.  I’m totally confused now about how to cut and paste text within this document when it has a footnote.  Can I just cut it and paste it if the footnotes are formattted?  Or do I have to unformat the citations and then cut and paste the note/text? 

I just want to move a note from the end of one sentence to the end of an earlier sentence, but other times, I will want to cut larger sections of text with multiple footnotes and move it elsewhere.  Can I do that with formatted citations? 



If you are careful to get the whole of the formated citation (the whole of the “grey” field and if it is surrounded by other text, that is even better), you should be okay.  And don’t worry about what is “hidden” – it was just an illustration of why something could get corrupted if you tried to delete a part of a citation.  Keywords are really good to use in the library to find things quickly! 

Thank you again!