Simplify the process to DELETE references

Turns out if you click backspace to delete a reference, it can mess up the code.  And then crazy stuff can happen.  Although you don’t really get that message loud and clear–please make sure you put that clearly in the instructions.

But the right process is a nightmare.

Instead, you need

  1. to right click the reference

  2. select “Edit Citations”

  3. select “More”

  4. select the pop down menu of the reference

5.  select “remove citation”

5 steps instead of 1!!!

Do you guys realize how many times per day some of us need to do just this one thing?

Please simplify this to ONE STEP–and I mean ONE STEP!!!  We can put a man on the moon, we can certainly find a way that the code does not get messed up with one delete button.

Also, simplify the procedure to add pages, suffixes etc from the window that comes up when you right click the reference.  Don’t make this a Russian Doll!  It’s software to make our life easier.  Which in huge ways it does and we are so grateful :wink:

The alternatives, are not really that hard.  You just need to select the whole of the field to delete it.   The process you describe  is only necessary if you want to delete one of a set of citations.  And even then, you can unformat the specific set of citations, and then delete the one you want to delete, and reformat if you insist on the WYSIWYG functionality. 

I personally, prefer to leave the citations in the unformated form anyway (CWYW disabled), and then deleting one is not so complicated and is less prone to corrupting the document.  – and the whole document is much smaller.  That CWYW stuff is really the mine field. 

People want it all, auto-updating requires fields which leads to the danger. 

oh well. 

No, you cannot select the field.  That is WRONG!!!  Read the instructions.

If you do so, you mess up the code and it can cause all sorts of problems in the document.

I had a real tech support guy who was sure a problem I was reporting with some messed up citations was due to that.

And leaving references unformatted looks messy, does not update the word count etc.

They really should have a one step way to delete, whether one or multiple references, that does not mess up the code.

It’s that simple.

A shorter method for this should be as follows…

1)  Highlight the citation or group of citations

2)  Use the Convert to Unformatted citations Hotkey

Alt+4 in Word for Windows

Control+4 in Word for Mac

3)  Delete the unformatted citation or citations you want.

Attempting to manually delete a formatted EndNote citations in most cases isn’t going to cause problems.

But, that presumes that the entire code is deleted, which may not be readily apparent of the codes are hidden, or some other underlying issue with the document exists.
It’s always going to be cleaner to remove either the Unformatted version of the citation, or use the Edit and Manage Citations function, and it’s Remove Citation option to pull the citation from the document.

I do hope this helps, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Steve   :smiley: