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one of my biggest with Endnote is that there is no persistant way to view recently added references. I know there is a temporary group added for imported or copied references and I know I can just sort by record number for example, but I would love it if there was a pre-made recent references list that gives you the last say 10 references added to the library.

Alternatively, some more flexibility in the smart groups feature would let me do this. For example, if I chose a smart group based on the date added to library field, then let me choose “today” rather than todays date. Then today could update every day rather than me having to manually change the date. Or alternatively let me choose a smart group based on highest record number and let me limit the group to 10 or 25 entries so that I have a persistant list of my most recent references.

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One suggested workaround I have used:  I show  the date updated (or date added) in the library display, which allows me to sort on these items.  In X7 these can be added by right clicking on the top bar, - so you can view or hide them as you wish.  

I agree. This is a good suggestion. I also have used a number of work-arounds. However, it would be great to have such a pre-set group as suggested. Or some flexibility in the smart group feature. Instead of specifiying a specific date, it would be great to have a rather “relative” selection filter, such as add in the last 10 days. Similar to what the Windows Explorer allows in the search function. 

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I came to suggest this feature as well, because I’ve used it in Zotero.

In our use case, we have tens of people accessing the same shared library and everyone can add papers as they please. What is super useful is to stay updated on what’s new in the library. So in Zotero we could simply define a search group that showed references “Added last 7 days”, or any arbitrary numbers of days since today’s date. I am naïvely guessing EndNote is already ‘aware’ of today’s date and the code should be trivial to implement.

I totally agree, this should be simple to implement. Even if Endnote isn’t aware of dates, there could be a smart group criteria to list the 10 references with the highest record number.