Bib style: abbreviated first author's last name + year as layout for citation and bib

Dear all.

I’m trying to use a special form of layout based on an abbreviated version of the first author’s last name+year as citation and inside bib, but I did get it to work. If anyone has an idea I would greatly appreciate this. Please see the exampe below. Thanks in advance, Markus

citation in text [Pol08a]     

inside bib list

[Pol08a]            F. Poletti, A. Camerlingo, P. Petropoulos, D. J. Richardson. IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 20 , 1449 (2008).

It might be possible to create a custom field to work as an alternate Author field - then 1) manually enter the abbreviated version of the author’s name in the custom field, and 2)  substitute the custom field for the Author field in the output style.

However, in your example there’s an “a” at the end of the cite. There shouldn’t be a problem if this is a fixed/static info. But if the letter is meant to indicate some type of order or sequence based on the cite/reference, unlike the Author field, Endnote will not be able to automatically track it from a custom field. So this means the lettering would have to be manually changed.

Also note that by substituting a custom field for the Author field you’ll not be able to edit the citation.

The Label field in EndNote can be used for this purpose, although as Crazy Gecko says it would not be possible to automatcially add a suffix and this would have to be manually entered. See this section of the EndNote Help PDF:


Label field can be used for many purposes, such as special in-text citations or reprint numbers. Some citation styles require that citations include only part of the author’s name, such as [SMIT 90]. EndNote cannot create this citation for you, but if you type " SMIT 90" into the Label field and use the Label field in your style’s citation template, EndNote will insert the Label field into the citation.

If you do not need the Label field for citation purposes, it can be used as an additional field for categorizing references or storing reprint numbers. (Do not use EndNote’s record numbers to number reprints because these numbers change when references are moved to different libraries. EndNote’s record numbers cannot be assigned or changed by the user.)

Thank you very much for the response, that is the solution. I greatly appreciate that. Markus