Journals: First reference and bibliography full name, rest abbreviation

Hello Community,

I have a question concerning abbreviations of journal names in my citation style. I work on a Mac and use Endnote X9.2.

Currently endnote uses the abbreviated form for all references (incl. bibliography) as long as an abbreviated form has been created for the journal.

What I would like to have is:

  • First reference in a document uses the full journal name (e. g. Black, How to write a book, in: Journal of Book writing 10, 20-30)

  • further references (of the same article) use abbreviated form (e. g. Black, How to write a book, in: JoBw 10, 20-30)

  • Bibliography uses the full journal name (e. g. Black, How to write a book, in: Journal of Book writing 10, 20-30)

Is this even possible?

Thank you very much in advance


Assuming you mean in-text citations.  You do have abit more flexibility in footnote output syles. 

So short answer, not very easily and it isn’t a very common practice, so unlikely that the developers will add as an option, but you can requestion it in the suggestions forum.   The only “subsequent” citations setting available is the changes in numbers of Authors listed.  Most of us rarely use that level of detail anyway, in a citation.  

You will need to edit manually, with edit citation and add the suffix field.  You could try to see if you could repurpose the Author (Year) option.  Remember that none of these will automatically adjust if you introduce or delete a citation that was “first”.  

Footnote templates do have a 1st and short form citation option, if you are using a footnote style. You would probably need to have the two forms of the journal in the record fields (Journal and Alternate Journal).  

Dear Leanne,

thank you for your reply.

I’m sorry, I was talking about footnotes, I should have specified this. Nevertheless your last sentence totally solved my problem. I never realized that there exists a ‘Alternate Journal’ record field. So I will put the abbreviated form there and the long in ‘Journal’ and tell endnote to use the first in the short version and the latter in the long version.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards

Glad I mentioned it then!