Bibliographies: Inserting Works not Cited.

Ok, I want to insert tons of works into my bibliography that I don’t site in my text.  Is there a way to insert bibliographic straight into the bib without having to make a reference to it in the actually text?

You could “cite them”  and then hide the text.  I believe that works, but it might not “stick”, so you might have hide them at the end, before submission.  Or cite them in a Author, year document and hide both the author and year. 

Or export the extra references and add them manually, but then they wouldn’t be alphabetical with the others.

You can also ctrl K (copy formated) and paste them in. 

Make sure Endnote has the same selected reference style in its dropdown as the manuscript for the latter two suggestions.

Message Edited by Leanne on 12-08-2008 12:32 PM