How to put references into my bibliography without citing them in the text

Hey guys,

I have to include a bunch of references from my endoteweb account into my bibliography without using them in the text (if I cite them and then delete them in the text using the endnoteweb word plugin, then the references will show up and of course disappear in the bibliography ).

Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance,


Use hidden citations. See this thread: Note: EndNote X7’s help didn’t seem very helpful on this.

I forgot that there is a “hidden citation” option – in temporary citations @@hidden follows the record number, and invokes it.    Also right clicking on the citation - edit citation - gives the option to “show only in Bibliography”  -

It would be nice to get the “hidden citation” verbiage used in the help file, to find this quickly (as Tom suggested in the suggestion forum).  I even forgot that option was there!  I finally got Endnote help to reveal this trick, when I seached specifically for the term “bibliography only”.